The TitanPass feature set is aimed at business and enterprise from the outset allowing you to efficiently manage your employees' business-based websites and login credentials.

The core of TitanPass is a simple website and user system. A designated administrator for your company can access the TitanPass administration panel, add websites along with login information and a custom encryption key, assign employees to the websites they are allowed access to, and finally drag and drop a special TitanPass bookmark into employees' web browsers.

Employees simply go to the login page of a website, click the special TitanPass bookmark within any web browser of their choice, enter the encryption key for the website, and are automatically logged in.

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Accessed from Your Web Browser

TitanPass is a web application meaning that it is accessed from the comfort of your favorite web browser. There is nothing to install and you will always be using the latest version with all of the latest features. TitanPass has been tested and works on every major web browser.

Everything in One Place

Using our administration panel, you are able to control every aspect of your company's website login activity all in one place. Easily create, edit, and delete websites and users' access to them from any computer in the world be it mobile or desktop based.

Quick and Easy Setup

Simply create websites and employees and assign which employees have access to which websites. Drag and drop TitanPass's special bookmark into your employees' web browsers and they will be able to login to the websites you've given them access to with the click of a button.

Secure and Trustworthy

All data stored in and transmitted to and from TitanPass is fully secure using AES 256-bit and SHA2 encryption. TitanPass also uses a secure puzzle algorithm where multiple forms of authentication data are required to be submitted all at the same time to complete a successful login.

Built for Total Control

Change the login credentials for a website and it automatically updates for every employee who has access to it. Delete an employee and they automatically lose access to all approved websites. TitanPass's centralization gives you total control over your employees' business-based website access.

Use it Anywhere

TitanPass's web application and special bookmark allow you to use it on any device or operating system with a web browser. Relying only on raw Javascript, TitanPass automatically works on all desktops, mobile smart phones, and tablets past, present, and future.