Centralize, manage, and control your employees'
access to all websites using a simple and powerful
administration interface.


All login credentials are stored with AES 256-bit
encryption using strong keys that only you know
and specify through the administration interface.


Using the TitanPass bookmarklet, you can quickly
and easily login to any website by simply clicking
a button and entering your custom encryption key.


With your login credentials stored in a secure
and centralized location, you'll never have to worry
about forgetting or revealing them ever again.


Using our proprietary bookmarklet technology,
TitanPass automatically works on all operating systems
and mobile devices past, present, and future.

TitanPass is the first centralized password management system specifically designed for companies.

Password management systems of the past are built for individual consumers. Deploying these inside a company causes a "splintering" effect making it impossible to efficiently manage login credentials for multiple employees. TitanPass solves this problem by allowing you to put all your username and password data into one place for you to manage and for your employees to access on demand with the click of a button. This gives your company the centralized control it needs to save time and money.

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One Password

You can choose to give your employees a single password to access all websites. TitanPass will automatically determine which employees have access to which websites and allow access accordingly.

Full Control

Update a website's username and password and it will automatically update for everyone using it. Simply delete an employee's account to remove access to all approved websites.

Maximum Security

Users must have all the necessary encrypted data to access the websites you're managing. Similar to a puzzle, all the pieces need to be there in order to complete a successful login.


Watch the TitanPass Getting Started video to get up and running in less than 5 minutes.

We cover all the most important aspects of TitanPass in our getting started video from registration to automatically logging into your first website. You will learn about the administration panel, websites, users, and TitanPass's special bookmark. Click here to watch it now.

Website groups are great for companies that have a management hierarchy including executives, middle managers, and regular employees.

Website groups give these companies an extra layer of security where the same encryption key is not shared throughout the entire organization. Instead, each level of the company’s hierarchy gets their own encryption key that is private and unknown to the other levels within the organization. Click here to watch it now.

Latest Features

Works Great on IE 8, 9, and 10

Now TitanPass works great on all versions of Internet Explorer 8 and above. We know a lot of people and companies use IE so we made it our priority to get things working right. We've gone in and done a ton of testing and got the following working correctly:

  • Special bookmark.
  • Buttons in the administration control panel.
  • Form field watermarks.
  • Form validation.

Quick Access Website List

The TitanPass special bookmark now contains a website list dropdown that gives you quick links to all your managed websites and shows you which websites you have access to. When you add or edit a website, be sure to make the URL a direct link to the website's login page. This is a great time saving feature that allows you to do the following:

  • Go to your websites' login pages with a click of a button.
  • Quickly see which websites you have access to right inside of the special bookmark.

Better Form Field Watermarks

Form field watermarks are wonderful for cleaning up a user interface. However, when using them, you have to be sure that they work on all browsers and don't confuse users in any way. With that goal, we programmed some new form field watermarks that do the following:

  • Work on IE 8, 9, and 10.
  • Work with form validation.
  • Don't disappear after clicking on the form field.
  • Have a nice fading animation.

Sales Partner Referral Codes

TitanPass referral codes are the core to our new Referral Partner program. Customers can use them at the time of purchase to get a speical discount coupon. Referral codes also offer the following benefits:

  • Allow us to automically track sales through our Referral Partner program.
  • Gives us the ability to create an official Sales Partner control panel.
  • Give incentives to potential customers to purchase TitanPass through one of our sales partners.
  • Allow sales partners to generate "residual" revenue through the sharing of their referral codes.

More Information

Security Guarantee

At TitanPass, the security of our application is our number one focus. We understand the sensitivity of the data we are storing and transmitting and have made extreme efforts to build a strong shield to protect you and your websites' login credentials.

"When designing TitanPass, our main focus was on using state-of-the-art security because we know how sensitive the data is we're dealing with. As such, 75% of our development time was spent solely on developing TitanPass's robust security architecture. We're proud of our software, use it ourselves everyday, and we know you'll see this when using TitanPass."

President, Kevin Bikhazi

Latest News

  • TitanPass releases its website groups video showing how larger companies can use the versatility of TitanPass to create even more privacy and security within their organization. Thursday, September 5th 2013
  • TitanPass now works with IE8 & IE9, works on multiple new types of login forms, and has begun building its sales force. Sunday, August 25th 2013
  • TitanPass releases its getting started video based on popular feedback. Saturday, August 17th 2013
  • TitanPass launches its brand new enterprise level password management service. Wednesday, August 14th 2013